14. Other Advanced Crypto Applications

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14.2. SUMMARY: Other Advanced Crypto Applications

14.2.1. Main Points

14.2.2. Connections to Other Sections

14.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information

14.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments

14.3. Digital Timestamping

14.3.1. digital timestamping

14.3.2. my summary

14.4. Voting

14.4.1. fraud, is-a-person, forging identies, increased "number" trends

14.4.2. costs also high

14.4.3. Chaum

14.4.4. voting isomorphic to digital money

14.5. Timed-Release Crypto

14.5.1. "Can anything like a "cryptographic time capsule" be built?"

14.5.2. Needs

14.5.3. How

14.6. Traffic Analysis

14.6.1. digital form, and headers, LEAF fields, etc., make it vastly easier to know who has called whom, for how long, etc.

14.6.2. (esp. in contrast to purely analog systems)

14.7. Steganography

14.7.1. (Another one of the topics that gets a lot of posts)

14.7.2. Hiding messages in other messages

14.7.3. Peter Wayner's "Mimic"

14.7.4. I described it in 1988 or 89 and many times since

14.7.5. Stego, other versions

14.7.6. WNSTORM, Arsen Ray Arachelian

14.7.7. talk about it being used to "watermark" images

14.7.8. Crypto and steganography used to plant false and misleading nuclear information

14.7.9. Postscript steganography

14.8. Hiding cyphertext

14.8.1. "Ciphertext can be "uncompressed" to impose desired statistical properties. A non-adaptive first-order arithmetic decompression will generate first-order symbol frequencies that emulate, for instance, English text." [Rick F. Hoselton, sci.crypt, 1994-07-05]

14.9. 'What are tamper-responding or tamper-resistant modules?"

14.9.1. The more modern name for what used to be called "tamper-proof boxes"

14.9.2. Uses:

14.9.3. Bypassing tamper-responding or tamper-resistant technologies

14.10. Whistleblowing

14.10.1. This was an early proposed use (my comments on it go back to 1988 at least), and resulted in the creation of alt.whisteblowers.

14.10.2. outing the secret agents of a country, by posting them anonymously to a world-wide Net distribution...that ought to shake things up

14.11. Digital Confessionals

14.11.1. religious confessionals and consultations mediated by digital links...very hard for U.S. government to gain access

14.11.2. ditto for attorney-client conversations, for sessions with psychiatrists and doctors, etc.

14.11.3. (this does not meen these meetings are exempt from the law...witness Feds going after tainted legal fees, and bugging offices of attorneys suspected of being in the drug business)

14.12. Loose Ends

14.12.1. Feigenbaum's "Computing with Encrypted Instances" work...links to Eric Hughes's "encrypted open books" ideas.

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