17. The Future

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17.2. SUMMARY: The Future

17.2.1. Main Points

17.2.2. Connections to Other Sections

17.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information

17.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments

17.3. Progress Needed

17.3.1. "Why have most of the things Cypherpunks talk about not happened?"

17.4. Future Directions

17.4.1. "What are some future directions?"

17.4.2. The Future of the List

17.4.3. What if encryption is outlawed?

17.4.4. "Should Cypherpunks be more organized, more like the CPSR, EFF, and EPIC?"

17.4.5. Difficult to Set Directions

17.4.6. The Heart and Soul of Cypherpunks?

17.4.7. Possible Directions

17.4.8. Goals (as I see them)

17.4.9. A Vision of the Future

17.4.10. Key concepts are the way to handle the complexity of crypto

17.5. Net of the Future

17.5.1. "What role, if any, will MUDs, MOOs, and Virtual Realities play?"

17.5.2. keyword-based

17.5.3. dig sig based (reputation-based)

17.5.4. pools and anonymous areas may be explicitly supported

17.5.5. better newsreaders, screens, filters

17.5.6. Switches

17.5.7. "What limits on the Net are being proposed?"

17.6. The Effects of Strong Crypto on Society

17.6.1. "What will be the effects of strong crypto, ultimately, on the social fabric?"

17.6.2. The revelations of surveillance and monitoring of citizens and corporations will serve to increase the use of encryption, at first by people with something to hide, and then by others. Cypherpunks are already helping by spreading the word of these situations.

17.6.3. People making individual moral choices

17.7. New Software Tools and Programming Frameworks

17.7.1. Needed software

17.7.2. Object-oriented tools

17.7.3. Protocol Ecologies

17.7.4. Use of autonomous agents (slaves?)

17.7.5. Tools

17.7.6. "What programming framework features are needed?"

17.7.7. Frameworks, Tools, Capabilities

17.8. Complexity

17.8.1. The shifting sands of modern, complex systems

17.8.2. "Out of Control"

17.8.3. A fertile union of cryptology, game theory, economics, and ecology

17.9. Crypto Standards

17.9.1. The importance of standards

17.10. Crypto Research

17.10.1. Academic research continues to increase

17.10.2. "What's the future of crypto?"

17.10.3. Ciphers are somewhat like knots...the right sequence of moves unties them, the wrong sequence only makes them more tangled. ("Knot theory" is becoming a hot topic in math and physics (work of Vaughn Jones, string theory, etc.) and I suspect there are some links between knot theory and crypto.)

17.10.4. Game theory, reputations, crypto -- a lot to be done here

17.10.5. More advanced areas, newer approaches

17.10.6. Comments on crypto state of the art today vs. what is likely to be coming

17.11. Crypto Armageddon? Cryptageddon?

17.11.1. "Will there be a "Waco in cyberspace"?"

17.11.2. Attacks to come

17.12. "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"

17.12.1. Despite the occasionally gloomy predictions, things look pretty good.No guarantees, of course, but trends that are

favorable. No reason for us to rest, though.

17.12.2. Duncan Frissell puts it this way:

17.13. "Will cryptography really bring on the Millenium?"

17.13.1. Yes. And cats will move in with dogs, Snapple will rain from the sky, and P will be shown unequal to NP.

17.13.2. Seriously, the implications of strong privacy, of cyberspatial economies, and of borders becoming transparent are enormous. The way governments do business is already changing, and this will change things even more dramatically. The precise form may be unpredictable, but certain end states are fairly easy to predict in broad brush strokes.

17.13.3. "How do we know the implications of crypto are what I've claimed?"

17.13.4. "When will it all happen? When will strong crypto really begin to have a major effect on the economy?"

17.13.5. "But will crypto anarchy actually happen?"

17.13.6. "Has the point of no return been passed on strong crypto?"

17.14. Loose Ends

17.14.1. firewalls, virtual perimeters, swIPe-type encrypted tunnels, an end to break-ins,

17.14.2. "What kind of encryption will be used with ATM?"

17.14.3. Shapes of things to come, maybe...(laws of other countries)

17.14.4. Cyberspace will need better protection

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