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Cryptocurrency Resources for Sovereignty



Cypherpunk, Agorist, and No-KYC Philosophy

NoKYC Guides

Crypto Services Directories


    Find NON-KYC exchanges and services to use and spend your crypto anonymously.

  • AcceptedHere

    Accepted Here is a regularly updated database of online and offline businesses accepting cryptocurrency from all over the world. AH is not affiliated with any merchant or coin owner listed on the platform.

  • CryptWerk

    Cryptwerk is online directory with companies, websites, shops, services where you can pay with Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin Bookmarks

    Find free premium crypto websites sorted by quality.

  • Monerica

    A directory for a Monero circular economy

  • Lightning Network Stores

    This website lists stores that accept bitcoin through the lightning network. Any user can vote up or down on the stores listed. To actively participate you should have a lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet. We track the adoption of the bitcoin lightning network by merchants and allow users to find and review them. The website is mostly automated and community maintained: adding stores, tagging and updating (most/all updates done by website owners).

  • EOF

P2P Exchanges

  • Bisq

    Buy and sell bitcoin for fiat (or other cryptocurrencies) privately and securely using Bisq's peer-to-peer network and open-source desktop software. No registration required. Bisq is a peer-to-peer trading network, not a website or "app" or other centralized service. It's software you run on your own hardware, which connects to other people running the Bisq software to facilitate trades. It's open-source and community-driven.

  • LocalMonero

    A marketplace where users can buy and sell Monero to and from each other. Localmonero provides you with a custodial web-wallet but you can withdraw your funds to any wallet of your choice with no limits. A tor service is available.

  • AgoraDesk

    Users, called traders, create advertisements with the price and the payment method they want to offer. You can browse our website for trade advertisements and search for a payment method you prefer. You'll find traders buying and selling cryptocurrencies online for more than 60 different payment methods.

  • Robosats

    RoboSats is a simple and private way to exchange bitcoin for national currencies. Robosats simplifies the peer-to-peer user experience and uses lightning hold invoices to minimize custody and trust requirements. The deterministically generated avatars help users stick to best privacy practices.

  • HodlHodl

    Hodl Hodl is a global P2P Bitcoin trading platform, that allows users to trade directly with each other and it doesn't hold user’s funds — locking it in multisig escrow instead. This minimizes the possibility of Bitcoin assets theft and reduces trading time.

  • EOF

P2P Crypto Marketplaces and Freelancing

  • Bitejo

    With Bitejo, members can use Bitcoin to freely trade with their friends, community and the world.

  • TukanMarket

    We bring back to life the trade between people from the local area. We charge no fees, we don’t mediate deals, we merely provide a service of associating parties to the transaction. We create a Bitcoin marketplace in real life. We help grow the Bitcoin community and the low-mile commerce. Contact the seller and meet in person to finalize the deal. Post your ad to offer a service, sell something or give away stuff for free.

  • Microlancer

  • Freelance For Coins

  • Bitcoin P2P Marketplace

  • Monero Market

Automated Exchanges

  • Infinity Exchanger

    Infinity Exchanger takes one cryptocurrency and outputs one or more cryptocurrencies. It operates without user accounts, allowing to quickly exchange multiple assets.

  • Elude

    This coin swap service is only available with Tor and guarantees full anonymity to users.

  • eXch

    Privacy-first automated crytpocurrency swaps without registration.

  • Trocador

    Trocador is a privacy-focused exchange aggregator. We believe cryptocurrency can be a great tool against government overreach, censorship and tyranny. And that it can help promote decentralization and liberty, for a much more prosperous and freer world.

  • Majestic Bank

    Anonymous Crypto Bank providing Exchange Bitcoin to Monero and vice versa.

  • Kilos Swap

    This coin swap service is only available with Tor and guarantees full anonymity to users.

  • EOF

Crypto VPS & Domain Services

  • 1984

    The 1984 Hosting Company was established in 2006 by a couple of Free Software and civil rights enthusiasts. We have since grown to become Iceland's biggest web hosting company by far. Our goal is to offer high quality web hosting and VPS services at a competitive price, always respecting and protecting the civil and political rights of our customers. We only use green energy from renewable, sustainable sources and we always choose free software.

  • Incognet

    IncogNET LLC is an employee owned business operated by a small team with decades of experience in the web-hosting and related industries. Though we each stem from varied backgrounds and areas of expertise within the industry, we all share a common interest in protecting the fundamental human right to freedom of expression, believing in the importance of privacy in the modern digital age, and providing rock-solid services.

  • Njalla

    Njalla sits in between the domain name registration service and you, acting as a privacy shield. When you purchase a domain name through Njalla, they own it for you. However, the agreement grants you full usage rights to the domain. Whenever you want to, you can transfer the ownership to yourself or some other party.

  • EOF

Crypto VPN Services

  • Mullvad VPN

    Highly regarded no log VPN provider

  • IVPN

    Highly regarded no log VPN provider

  • EOF

Crypto Credit Cards

  • Pay with Moon

    Use Bitcoin/Lighting to fund virtual VISA cards with ease. Coinbase is supported as a payment method to fund the cards. Cards themselves once loaded can be used immediately. The user can delete the card to return balance to their account as credit to be used in future cards.

  • EOF

Crypto Gift Cards

  • CardCoins

    Use a prepaid gift card to convert your cash into digital currency at over 80,000 locations nationwide.

  • EOF

Crypto eSim Providers

Crypto SMS Providers


    SMSPVA offers a large list of SMS verification numbers you can rent with BTC. Account does not need any personal information.

  • JuicySMS

    Verify your online accounts! Temporary real phone numbers.

  • JMP

    JMP allows you to send and receive text messages and picture messages using your Jabber client. You can also make and receive phone calls, including receiving voicemails delivered to you as audio recordings and text transcriptions. JMP gives you a real phone number that is yours for calling and texting that works from all your devices at once. Because they use the Jabber and SIP open protocols, you can use any existing client of your choice.

  • Virtualsim

    Cheap sms service for hundreds of services and many countries supported registration requires no verification and crypto payments only

  • SMS4Sats

    SMS4Sats offers SMS verification numbers online and you can pay using the Lightning Network. Cheap, easy, fast and anonymous.

  • TextVerified

    We are the premier one stop shop for all your sms and text verification needs. Exceptional service and competitive pricing sets us apart from the rest.

  • EOF

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